Author: Carl S. Johnson


Last night I watched again a film that is quickly becoming one of my favorite movies. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, starring Ben Stiller. There’s a skateboarding scene that is just awesome and inspiring to watch. I don’t know why, but it causes my soul to soar in a way that I can’t quite […]

Designing a City

I just got back from New York City. I was refueled and re-inspired creatively upon returning home. There’s no place like NYC on earth. True, you could make a case for the insanity of the place – the noise, the chaos, the stress, and the frenetic pace. But you can’t beat the culture, arts, food, […]

The Christmas Bonus

One of the things that I lament about being self-employed is the absence of an Annual Christmas Bonus. I do, I miss it. It’s not the same when you’re the boss, and you decide to “give yourself a bonus.” Which I do not do. It’s not fun when you give yourself money (that you usually […]

To the Business Owner

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Where does the time go? No worries–I’m back–and I’m a firm believer in only blogging when you have something worthwhile to say. I suppose now is that time. So, I was thinking about business owners. I usually think about this; probably because I am one, and you […]

Permission to Fail

2 weeks ago, one of my favorite coffee shops in Farmington closed their doors. It was a sad day. No one likes to see a good business close. They were open for 2.5 years, and it was a good run. On the surface, this coffee shop did everything right: great vibe, great coffee, great location, […]

Clint Eastwood, the Artist.

The name evokes a lot of things. Legend. Actor. Director. Spaghetti Westerns. Dirty Harry. “Make my day.” That’s because Clint Eastwood is a lot of things. Eastwood is my favorite director. I love his movies. If Unforgiven is on, I will watch it every time. Like a tractor beam, I’m captivated. He has been directing […]

Mercury Weddings

Mercury Weddings

Beautiful,visual, photography-portfolio style site we did for Mercury Weddings, a Wedding & Event Lighting Company. Visit:

123 Cabinets Direct

123 Cabinets Direct

Updating a kitchen? Need new cabinets? Check these guys out! Visit:

Detroit Kinetic

Personal website we did for our longtime friend and fellow Detroiter, Ben Davis.

Top Dog Movers

Top Dog Moving, Storage, and Logistics. Their name pretty much says it all. Looking to move? Choose a Top Dog.