Author: Carl S. Johnson

SEND International

SEND is a global missions agency headquartered outside of Detroit. They approached Saint Creative for a complete re-brand of their organization. We did creative consulting, art direction and design for their website. Visit:

Cake Challenges

Web design, logo, branding, and visual identity by Saint Creative. Client told us to think about the Food Network for cues and ideas for this particular website “challenge.” Visit:

Levi Strauss & Co. – We’re an American Brand

A lot of companies struggle to stay relevant and advertise to an ever-changing (AKA fickle) buying culture. With the stakes so high nowadays, and with internet trends changing by the minute, it can be a bewildering task. A daunting (not to mention expensive!) undertaking. That is why many hire fancy ad agencies to help them […]

Bill Gates: Data or Passion?

Last night I watched Bill Gates being interviewed on the Colbert Report. I was initially interested because I never really listened to Bill Gates talk before, at least not in a lengthy interview. While being loosely familiar with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, I was like, “what’s this guy up to these days, and […]

Music, Design, and White Space

As a designer, I’ve found a lot of times that people are afraid of white space. Like it’s a big scary monster or dragon or something. Why do we run away from it? Maybe its that we don’t understand or appreciate the value of it. White space. I often hear the words, “Can you make […]

Micro Empowerment

I attended a creative/arts conference last week in Chicago called Story. It was a great time with great speakers, and I walked away feeling creatively refueled. It was here that I learned about World Vision Micro. This is a creative micro loan giving process, where you are able to essentially “fund a loan” in poorer […]

Kirk’s Auto Care

Kirk’s Auto Care takes pride in offering “A unique shop experience.” They really wanted to highlight their authentic Customer Testimonials with their new website, which helps to set them apart. Visit

“It’s a Major Award!”

Congratulations to Saint Creative for winning his first ever App Design Award! Last year, he worked on an App design for SOS Radio. It was a fun project and foray into the App design world. He found out this May that it was selected as a finalist for the 2012 Radio Ink Digital Awards, in […]

Mercury Truck Wrap

Cool truck wrap we did for our friends at Mercury Sound and Lighting. These marketing graphics covered their 24′ box truck in style…

How we lose our creativity

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” – Pablo Picasso I love this quote. I think it has larger implications about life then we think. I’m sure you’ve heard many adults say that they have zero artistic ability. That they couldn’t draw a stick figure […]