Author: Carl S. Johnson

BridgePoint Church

Environmental signs created for a church in Boise, Idaho called BridgePoint. We were able to establish a uniform look to all of them, making the space inviting and easy to navigate through. We producing nearly 30 signs total, consisting of interior, exterior and directional.

Flash Ads? Don’t Blink…

Ok, you’ve probably heard about the new craze that is “Flash Mobs”. But, have you heard about “Flash Ads”? Looks like BMW tried out a little ad experiment on German movie goers a few weeks ago. A giant Profoto Pro-7B was hidden behind the screen, which is a studio flash unit that pumps out intense […]

The Day Old Bin

I think most people enjoy what is commonly known as the “Day Old Bin.” This is usually the food that did not sell yesterday, but is still ok to eat. Semi-fresh. There is a great Italian bakery near me, and I stop by the Day Old Bin often. They have pizza rolls, loaves of bread, […]

Learning to Follow

I think there is an innate desire inside all of us to follow something. Now, that could be following a dream, a cause, or something as innocuous as following directions. In any case, most of us live our lives fully aware of the notion that following is good and necessary. The thing about following is that if […]

Greater Than Magazine

A site we developed for one of the sweetest magazines around. There is a page flipping functionality built into the site, which is flipping cool. Visit site:

SOS Radio Website & App

We recently completed a website and App design for SOS Radio in Las Vegas. Visit site:

Concierge 2-4-7

Site we did for a company that hand-selects the perfect vehicle for you. Door to door service with a smile! Visit site:

Intervarsity – The Price of Life

InterVarsity event in Ohio that tackled the very serious issue of human trafficking – modern-day slavery. This site was part of a multimedia campus-wide campaign, incorporating web, print, sign, and swag elements. Visit site:

Lamborghini Club America

Site we developed with our friends at Superhouse Media. For Lamborghini lovers only. Visit site:

Metro Work Space

Site for Metro Work Space, a shared work environment for atypical/creative folks. Like us. We like their tagline: Reimagining the Office. Visit site: