Be Proud of your Brand

One thing I have noticed over years of image-observing is the semi-neglect or indifferent attitude that business’ sometimes have with their brand. Some do their best to protect and build it up, while others don’t really care all that much. Have you ever seen a logo printed poorly on a business card, or all pixelated on a website? How about a super crappy looking sign or flyer? What is your initial impression of that brand?

Hey, your brand is special! Be proud of it!

Work hard and give it some TLC. Invest in it. I believe that a well-oiled, beautifully functioning, internally respected brand will take your business farther. It shows people that you really do care about every area and angle, and that we should too. People notice that stuff.

If you are a business owner, your brand and image projection is a reflection of you. Often times, it matches your own personality, flavor and style. At least the best ones do. That’s one of the coolest (or scariest) aspects about a company’s image – that It’s a direct extension of the leader or founder behind it.

So, elevate your brand. Put it on a pedestal. It is intricately tied to the people, products, services and culture of a company. If anything, don’t be boring! Have a little fun, show a little flair. Don’t be vanilla, stuffy, emotionless, or generic corporate.

I have always admired the branding and stylings of Jimmy Johns, the Gourmet Sandwich shop. “Subs so fast you’ll freak.” Have you ever read the sign art that adorn their walls while eating your #5 Vito? They’re great, a mixture of complete randomness and charm. Do you know why I think they can do that, and people don’t mind? Because they are brand that provides a fast, tasty, quality product while not taking themselves too seriously.

That is kind of how we’d like to envision, or position ourselves as (if you prefer real branding language) at Saint Creative.

We strive to offer a GREAT PRODUCT/SERVICE (effective and beautiful creative solutions) while not taking ourselves too seriously.

We’re in business, want to have fun, AND enjoy what we do!

And yes, I am quite proud of our brand.

Be proud of yours.

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