Steve Jobs on Death and Conventional Business Wisdom

I read today that Steve Jobs is being remembered like a “rock star.” His passing has a big ripple effect on many people around the world. We pay attention to what other famous people are saying about Steve Jobs and his life. Like Neil Diamond, who profoundly and simply said, “iSad.” Any creative company or […]

Things I learned at TEDx Detroit.

I have been going to the TEDx conference in Detroit for the past few years now. TEDx – Technology. Entertainment. Design. Or, condensed down, “Ideas worth spreading.” Attending TEDx is like eating a giant bowl of inspiration. Like being pummeled by inspiration. Inspiration concentrate. Yep, all in all, it’s pretty inspiring stuff. There are many […]

Leo Burnett was a Michigan boy

  I was reading up on the famous ad man Leo Burnett today. You know, Leo Burnett of… Leo Burnett Worldwide – the American advertising company that was started in 1935 by the man himself. Well, Mr. Burnett was born in Michigan to a middle class family. Before he started his own firm in Chicago, […]

Passion Does Not Come Standard

  I was at a new client meeting the other day. Introductory meetings are always fun, if not a bit awkward at times. “Hello. How are you? Nice weather today, huh? So, tell me a little more about your organization. How’s business, been keeping busy? Maybe we can help….” Blah, blah, blah, etc. Beyond the […]

Fonts Actually Give Life to our Words

Typography is powerful. The use of type through fonts, and font selection, is an important process. Fonts convey a message and they evoke emotional responses. And they do it subtlely and quietly. As a designer, I love fonts. One of my favorite things (about fonts) is when you see a font that perfectly matches or […]

Just Baked: A modern day Chocolat story

There is a local cupcake shop here in Metro Detroit called Just Baked. Once you get past any potential funny name connotations (ahem), then you will discover this place to be an amazing little gem. They just opened about 2 years ago, and they already have 5 locations. Way to be, you awesome cupcake people! […]

There’s never a good time

Most of the time, we talk ourselves out of things. The more we think things over, the more “problematic” our ideas become. It’s that, or we go in the exact opposite direction and just jump into something. Usually, with most things in life, the timing never feels right. Whatever the dream, endeavor or event happens […]

Flash Ads? Don’t Blink…

Ok, you’ve probably heard about the new craze that is “Flash Mobs”. But, have you heard about “Flash Ads”? Looks like BMW tried out a little ad experiment on German movie goers a few weeks ago. A giant Profoto Pro-7B was hidden behind the screen, which is a studio flash unit that pumps out intense […]

The Day Old Bin

I think most people enjoy what is commonly known as the “Day Old Bin.” This is usually the food that did not sell yesterday, but is still ok to eat. Semi-fresh. There is a great Italian bakery near me, and I stop by the Day Old Bin often. They have pizza rolls, loaves of bread, […]

Learning to Follow

I think there is an innate desire inside all of us to follow something. Now, that could be following a dream, a cause, or something as innocuous as following directions. In any case, most of us live our lives fully aware of the notion that following is good and necessary. The thing about following is that if […]