Clint Eastwood, the Artist.

The name evokes a lot of things. Legend. Actor. Director. Spaghetti Westerns. Dirty Harry. “Make my day.”

That’s because Clint Eastwood is a lot of things.

Eastwood is my favorite director. I love his movies. If Unforgiven is on, I will watch it every time. Like a tractor beam, I’m captivated. He has been directing movies since 1970’s Play Misty for Me. 43 years is a long time to be directing movies. He’s been acting even longer. The man has walked an incredible career path. I would say that his movies keep getting better, and arguably, his best work has been done in the past 10 years or so.

Eastwood is 83 years old. The fact that he keeps making movies is astonishing to me. It’s inspiring. How could it not be? How many artists do we celebrate at that age? On a whole, this culture only notices, spotlights and celebrates the youth. The wild and reckless and the outrageous. We are crazed and obsessed with it actually. We report on those we consider to be “in their prime.” But most of my acting and film heroes are the older guys. Dudes like Robert Redford, Robert Duvall, Morgan Freeman. Same with the music scene. Look at the vital, colorful older artists like B.B. King, Leonard Cohen, Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan. Still at it.

I had heard before that Clint loves jazz music, and that he’s a piano player. But what I recently learned is that he actually scored some of his own movies. This made me appreciate the man even more. Yet another space that he enters into in the movie making process. Creating the score.

Like I mentioned earlier, Clint Eastwood is a lot of things. As a film maker, director, actor, story teller, arranger, and a piano player, Clint is an artist. In every sense of the word. Will the man ever stop crafting, composing and creating? I certainly hope not.

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