Even Presidents Need to Brand Good.

Candidates are always debating and pointing out just how different (and better) they are from the next guy.

Why then does all of their marketing speak and campaign logos come out looking the same?

As a designer, I have always been slightly amused by presidential candidate branding, sloganeering, and logos.

Is it just me, or are they always so predictable-looking and generic?
I mean, very few escape being bland and boooooooring.

There must be certain campaign design RULES that can never be broken:
– It has to be clean, simple and American-looking.
– You must use a serif font.
– You have 3 colors to utilize: red, white or blue.
– Bonus points for incorporating abstract flag imagery into your logo.
– Lastly, you must come up with the cheesiest campaign slogan ever.

I bet there are fellow designers out there who crave a candidate who would surprise us by appreciating & putting an obvious emphasis on beautiful design. That just might make them stick out in the way that they want to. Rise above the competition, if you will.

Has anybody ever tried this? Who has been truly unique, memorable, expressive, or creative?

The slogans are probably the best part. Or the worst.

Yes we can!
Believe in America.
Change America Now. For Good.
Raise Old Glory.
Time to Lead.
Country First.
More Honest Than Abe.
Git ‘r Done.
Pride, Prosperity and Progress.

I bet you can’t tell which ones are fake and which ones are real.

I head a CNN commentator say once that candidate slogans are created by a special group of second graders.

My favorite might be Ross Perot’s, who simply stated back in the day, “Ross for Boss.”

I would challenge every single hopeful candidate who is reading this now (because I know they are) to really step it up creatively. Visual representation is still important, right?

Come on, you know it’s true. I know they can do better. I bet any designer would love the challenge of creating campaign imagery for Newt. Shoot, one of these guys should take a risk and hire Saint Creative. I bet we could come up with some All-American award-winning Patriotic goodness.

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