Flash Ads? Don’t Blink…

Ok, you’ve probably heard about the new craze that is “Flash Mobs”. But, have you heard about “Flash Ads”? Looks like BMW tried out a little ad experiment on German movie goers a few weeks ago.

A giant Profoto Pro-7B was hidden behind the screen, which is a studio flash unit that pumps out intense light. In front of the light was a card, with the letters “BMW” cut into it.

During the ad, the flash fired and burned the letters into the unsuspecting viewers’ retinas. Then the motorcyclist on-screen told everyone to close their eyes. They do, and see the letters projected onto the backs of their eyelids. Uh….Ok. Sounds sort of like the old movie theater subliminal messaging – when they would flash a fizzy cup of Coca-Cola on the screen for a split-second, right?

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What do you think about it? Silly? Scary?

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