Learning to Follow

I think there is an innate desire inside all of us to follow something. Now, that could be following a dream, a cause, or something as innocuous as following directions. In any case, most of us live our lives fully aware of the notion that following is good and necessary.

The thing about following is that if you tear everything else away and get down to the core, it’s really just an act of humility.  It’s not weakness. It’s not “submission”. It’s trust. It’s simply admitting that maybe you’re not in charge at that exact moment; that you’re not “the guy”. It says that you have a desire to accomplish something and you’re willing to do what is necessary to reach whatever the final goal may be.

We all follow each other and our passions at Saint Creative. We know that our end goal is bigger than all of us, and that creating great art and innovative solutions for our clients is something we believe in. And that’s a passion we’ll follow till we meet St. Peter himself. – Josh//