My Favorite Logo

A lot of times, as designers, we have a favorite designer. Someone to admire, someone who inspires us to work harder. I am a big fan of Neal Ashby, Scott Hansen, Toni Hobbs and Jim Alleman.

Or we have a favorite font. I’ve always been fond of Vintage Typewriter. (big shocker there!)

And sometimes, we have a favorite logo.

Does all of this make us geeks? I hope not. Anyways, if I had to pick a logo that I continually return to, it would be the Air Jordan logo.

AKA Jumpman.

Perhaps you’ve seen it around. 🙂

Yes, IMHO, the MJ Jumpman logo is probably the finest logo to emerge in the past 25 years. It is all things to all people. It’s retro, it’s classic, and it’s timeless.
It has rockstar appeal. It has continual branding power. If fuels the legendary Jordan brand, and we never get tired of looking at it.

How does one boil down the essence of arguably the greatest basketball player of all time?


This little logo represents everything that a logo should be: clean, strong, direct, deceptively simple, classically symmetrical, appealing to the eye.

But more than that, this little icon speaks volumes about the player and the man. It says a million things without words. Therefore, I would go so far as to say that it evokes worlds.
Yes, a logo can that! Basketball worlds. Branding worlds. Athletic worlds. Lifestyle and attitude worlds.

Like Jordan himself, the Jumpman logo soared into our imagination in the year 1985AD. When RUN DMC were kings, and the Apple Macintosh personal computer was making waves.
Soon, the Jumpman made an appearance on the beloved Air Jordan shoe. The Jordan III to be exact…and the rest is history. This replaced the “Wings” logo, and the word “Flight” on the two previous Jordan shoes. Can a man really fly? Can he spectacularly soar above the hardwood – with grace and agility – towards the net?


Interestingly enough, it is said that the logo depicts Michael performing a lay-up, instead of the assumed dunk. Whatever, perhaps it could be both. I’ll still love the logo.

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