The Irony (of Blogging and Social Media)


We live in a social media rich culture. Social everything. At times it’s hard to keep up, isn’t it? I was thinking about how most companies are expected to keep on blogging, tweeting, pinging, linking, liking, streaming, updating, and throwing stuff on “the Wall” to see what sticks. There’s more if you are a social media/messaging/marketing “expert.” If this is your job, now you are expected to always be found mining the Social Media soil, reporting back with all of the latest trends and topics. You are expected to be the authority on our ever-evolving creative industry (not that anyone is truly the authority on it). You are the ones who provide fresh, quirky, informative, clever insights into all of this Social Media and marketing mayhem. You put your quarter in the machine and watch it go.

Which is fine. I’m cool with that. I’m OK with riding the wave, and to be alongside you on that wave, too.

I think the irony in the whole thing is that we are all so busy with the day-to-day of business, that we rarely have time to get to our own social media stuff. I’m talking about creative, tech and marketing companies specifically. Sometimes they/we are the ones that have the least updated sites. Funny, isn’t it? Yet we’re the first ones to preach the necessity of this stuff to our clients. Sometimes they even hire us to do their Social Media management. Imagine, hiring someone to do your own social media, while their own social media has gone neglected!

All of this got my thinking about blogging, specifically in regards to Blog Frequency (new technical term). Because tweets and updates are fast and easy. We can manage those. A lot of people still have a blog. Saint Creative has a blog. You are reading it. I still think they have relevance on the web. We get annoyed by people who blog TOO MUCH, and we get frustrated by people who blog too little. The internet keeps an accurate score. Don’t you laugh when you find somebody’s blog that you know, and the last entry was dated October 14, 2008? Oops. They lost interest there.

And to be honest, we ALL lose interest fast these days. Our attention span is shattered, and if we aren’t hooked in two seconds, we’re outta here!

So what does a healthy blogging & updating schedule look like? I can tell you this – never force yourself to write a blog for your website. It just becomes a chore. Another job duty. A check list. It’s brutal. Have you ever tried it? You are forcing yourself to write something, forcing yourself to say something, anything, and we both know that’s not fun. Even professional writers will tell you that it has to arrive naturally.

I would even say don’t force yourself to have a blog quota; like, “I must write a blog a week!” You may do OK for the first few months, but then reality sinks in. You can’t keep up. Life’s timeline doesn’t allow for it, despite what Facebook’s timeline says. You get discouraged. You drop your blog. With Saint, I personally can only put out a blog at a moment of inspiration. Something has to hit me, where I feel compelled to write or comment about it. I think, “this will make for a great blog”, instead of, “oh crap, it’s Tuesday already, time to write a blog.”

So what about blog content?

Simply put, blog when you have something to say. The world wide web will keep on spinning. Content will always be spewing out. Make yours meaningful. Make it count. The most memorable, potent, powerful art – whether it be word, idea, music, blog – is delivered when the creator actually has something to say.

A good exercise, for a person, artist, or company, is to figure out what they actually want to say. I know it sounds elementary, but you’d be surprised how little people think about it. What do you want to communicate to your audience? It’s kind of hard work. Have it reflect and reinforce your social media. In theory, this will keep your readers happy, give them something to crave, and keep them coming back for more.

I just realized that I am writing a blog about how to establish a good blog. What is that called? A tutorial?

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    Well said CJ! I blog sporadically and while I actually really love it, because I do so many things these days it is one of my tasks that often gets overlooked or shoved down the ToDo list in favor of tasks which I get paid for and which benefit other people more than myself.

    I still have no solution so if you go to my blog now, the last post was more than a month ago. Le sigh.

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    This is so timely for me to read. Well thought and well said! Thank you, Carl.

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