The Joys of Owning and Operating a Small Business

I feel the need to share with you some of the joys and challenges of navigating a small business. When people often ask me “How’s business going?” or “What’s it like being a business owner?”, I often tell them that it’s an adventure. That is, of course, the highly optimistic response. But it’s absolutely true. It’s an adventure of epic proportions.  You should try it sometime.

While “in business”, sometimes you feel like your traveling (or stuck) in the economic Valley of the Shadow of Death. Other days you feel like you’re on the mountain top and nobody or nothing can touch you. Most days, you feel like you’re in a small man-made ship (one of your own making) bobbing out in the ocean. You’re usually drifting, charting a course, exploring… but mostly engaged in the continual act of navigating.

nav·i·ga·tion (noun)
1. the act or process of navigating.
2. the art or science of plotting, ascertaining, or directing the course of a ship, aircraft, or guided missile.

There aren’t a lot of guarantees in the business ocean, but along the way, in the water, there are many rewards. Your net or your anchor may get stuck, but then you learn valuable lessons. You see many colorful, exotic fish. You stumble upon buried treasure. You observe many a beautiful sunset. Yes, the best part is that you can simply enjoy the scenery while sailing.

A lot of people will tell you that they have small business all figured out. That they have mastered and perfected it. That they know all the smart business strategies, practices, principles, and formulas that work. I am not sure that there are too many tried and true “formulas”, at least not anymore. Sometimes, the fact that it is not formulaic is what makes it exciting.

So, allow me to give you one business strategy/tip/priceless nugget that I have learned while navigating the beautiful business that is Saint Creative.

1. Serve your customer.

How many times do you read that in the business success manuals? They might say grab all you can, climb the ladder, maximize, synergize, capitalize, mark-up, leverage, and gain! What about serve? It’s down there at the very foundational and fundamental level. I bet the secret behind many of the most successful and celebrated companies and brands is that they are willing to serve you. I bet it’s jotted down somewhere in their books.

Serve your customer, and serve them well. Serve them joyfully with your good product/service that you believe in. Give them your best. Go the extra mile. Sacrifice a little, they’ll come back to you. They will enjoy the “wonderful service” that you provide.

Saint Creative is in the business of, well, creativity. If you are a client of ours, and you are reading this, I hope to offer the best creative service I can to you. Above all, my commitment to you is being creative. We’ll give you all we got. Above all the business admin, the local deliveries, the chaos, the delayed receiveables, the bottom lines, our goal is two-fold:

1. To inspire you.
2. To serve you.

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