Things I learned at TEDx Detroit.

I have been going to the TEDx conference in Detroit for the past few years now.

TEDx – Technology. Entertainment. Design. Or, condensed down, “Ideas worth spreading.”

Attending TEDx is like eating a giant bowl of inspiration. Like being pummeled by inspiration. Inspiration concentrate. Yep, all in all, it’s pretty inspiring stuff. There are many fist-pounding and chest-pumping moments where you are nearly compelled to stand up and cheer. Some topic or speaker will inevitably move you at some point.

Passionate people with good ideas often have that effect on people.

There are little moments, or sparks, throughout the day that resonate with people on a larger scale. Ideas floating around, waiting to be claimed, explained or implemented…somehow.

Here are a few things I took away from the recent TEDx Detroit, which happened on September 28.

– Ask more questions, and be willing to listen to the answers.

– Failure is a part of the process of building confidence in you. The art of losing confidence, and then rediscovering it can be a beautiful thing.

– Don’t sell cherries through logic (using the brain), but rather sell them using the heart. To the heart.

– Immerse your customers in beauty. This was something I thought was intriguing. It was from Bob Sutherland, CEO and founder of the Cherry Republic. I wonder how many people in their line of work have the opportunity to do this? Being a designer, I think I do…luckily. Bob had a lot of good points that stuck with me. His underlying message was that if you come from the heart, you will win every time. It seemed to work in his case. And based upon his delivery, you could tell the guy had a lot of heart.

Checking out TEDx is a good thing. I recommend it if you haven’t been. It’s unique from other conferences out there in many ways.

It’s a day full of passionate speakers, good content, and diverse ideas –  all aimed at bettering the city of Detroit. You leave with the feeling and vibe that “we are all in this thing together.” That we collectively and individually can do something great. But if you do just attend and do nothing with it…then at the end of the day, it’s just another conference.

So, my question is, what am I going to do with it? What are you doing to do with it?

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